Simple. Quick. Secure.

EnCloak makes high-grade file encryption easy for everyone.

Using custom designed hardware without the need for software.

Connect to any computer and securely encrypt/decrypt/hide documents for personal or shared team use.

Acts and looks just like a standard flash drive

All EnCloak devices behave exactly like a standard flash drive.

Everything is carried out using common file operations, making them portable and simple to use.

EnCloak functionality is totally concealed from casual users.

No software or cloud services required

No software installation or cloud services are required: use with any computer, OS, or corporate environment that allows removable drives to be connected.

Everything is hardware-based, ensuring freedom from keyloggers, snooping and backdoors.

Preserve your anonymity

Totally secure

A 100% embedded hardware solution designed to be secure at every level.

Encryption keys are unknown by the manufacturer and are reset by the user during initial configuration.

No open encryption key exchange.

EnCloak HIDE

Encrypt, hide and store personal data

Discrete USB drive with hidden encrypted partition to secure and hide your private files.

No software to install or fiddly keypads. So it’s portable and may be used with any OS in most corporate environments.

Appears to be a normal drive when not in EnCloak mode – where a 7 GB encrypted partition is revealed. Secured by a password with a unique entry method.


Encrypt and share documents amongst a group

Dedicated USB devices to securely encrypt/decrypt documents for yourself or a team.

Creates an ‘Encrypted Transfer System’ to share sensitive documents on-line without risk of encryption backdoors on cloud services.

Group multiple EnCloak CONNECT devices so that files may only be decrypted by other group members.

Operates just like a normal drive when not in EnCloak mode – where its additional functionality is revealed.

Not a storage device. No files retained when unplugged.

EnCloak PRO

Highly secure document encryption for multiple groups

Hardware-paired USB devices enabling totally secure document encryption and exchange for multiple teams or clients.

All the features of EnCloak CONNECT – plus:

Unique hardware-pairing function to further enhance group security.

Flexibly create & manage multiple groups of EnCloak PRO/CONNECT devices so that files may only be decrypted by other hardware-paired group members.

Not a storage device. No files retained when unplugged

“When I first heard about EnCloak I knew had to get involved. Such a unique concept to simply secure document exchange.”

Andrew Richman, Security Professional, Washington DC

Pre-production EnCloak HIDE & EnCloak CONNECT are sampling now. Please contact us if you would like to evaluate EnCloak

Production versions of EnCloak will utilise USB-C connectors to make it as small and discrete as possible

“High-level encryption in a simple to use intuitive device. EnCloak gives priceless peace of mind in a world where hacking and data breaches are on the rise.”

Gary Spanbok, Head of Operations for Chater-Lea Ltd.